Women’s Club Tea Party

It was a cold January day; but the atmosphere in the Legacy at Clover Blossom living room was warm and cozy as the Women’s Club sipped their tea, nibbled the finger foods, tried on hats, and enjoyed each other’s company.

The living room looked dazzling with colorful flowers, tea pots, fruit infused drinks, tea towers loaded with deviled egg salad finger sandwiches, ham and cheese pinwheels, tomato soup cups with grilled cheese triangles and chicken salad puffs. Desserts served included doughnut holes, fruit croissants, and scones.

The living room was also made beautiful with delightful hat boxes and hats for wearing and sharing. There was a large attendance for this monthly Women’s Club meeting, and the room was soon filled with talk and laughter, and admonishments to Community Life Director, Marisa, that she shouldn’t wear boots with a dress!

It was a marvelous way to brighten up the grey of Rochester in January and Clover Blossom was abuzz about it for days afterward.



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